Armenian State “Barekamutyun” Dance Ensemble

1987 on December 17, at the initiative of ballet master Norayr Mehrabyan, the state dance ensemble “Berekamutyun” was created. From the first day, the ensemble attracted the public with its multi-genre repertoire, a bright series of folk dances of different nations as a sign of friendship between the Soviet countries. The Armenian national dance was presented to the audience in a classical, choreographic style by means of an ensemble, and Norayr Mehrabyan’s performances created a new direction in modern Armenian dance art. The Armenian dances were staged on the basis of compositions by Komitas, Sayat-Nova, Aram Khachaturian, Arno Babajanyan, Tigran Mansouryan, Avet Terteryan, Edgar Hovhannisyan, Ruben Altunyan, Robert Amirkhanyan, Grigor Hakhinyan and other composers. In addition to the dances based on the musical works of folk, classical Armenian composers, dance numbers based on the works of Mozart, A.Borodin, Elton John, Karl Orff and other foreign composers were also staged.The following dances were staged in the ensemble: “Hoy Nazan”, “Al-Aylughs”, “Ethnographic Dance Series”, “Gyumri’s Shoror”, “I love and lost my love”, “Tamzara”, “Օur century”, A.Khachaturian “Mountaineers”, “Girls in Pink”, “Lezginka”, “Spring Yerevan”, “Uzundara”, Komitas “Apricot Tree”, “Crane”, “Chinares”, Kh.Avetisyan “Awakening”, A.Babajanyan “Nocturne”, R.Amirkhanyan “Armenian eyes”, Kh.Nersisyan “Game-Dance”, T.Mansouryan “Melody”, “Spring”, A.Terteryan “Yerablur”, G.Yeranyan “Kilikia”, Sayat-Nova “Eshkhemed”, “Ashkharums”, G.Yeghiazaryan “Vagharshapat” and others. Dances of other nations were also staged: Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Georgian, Moldavian, Gypsy, Russian, Uzbek, Greek, Arab, Jewish, Spanish, Indian, Belarusian, Italian, Bulgarian, G.Hakhinyan “Loretsi Sakon”, A.Babajanyan “A Heroic Ballad”, A.Borodin “Polovetian Dances”, R.Davtyan, G.Yeghiazaryan, E.Baghdasaryan “Maro”, A.Khachaturian “Shamiram’s Vision”, Komitas, Alan Hovhannes, Y.Bach “Arshil Gorky” one-act choreographic performances, “The Road” by Elton John, “Death of the Last Century” by Loris Tjeknavorian, “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff,  “Loneliness” by Avetis Berberyan.The ensemble performed on tour in different countries of the world: Iran, China, Lebanon, France, Israel, UAE, Russia, England, Syria, India, Germany, Ukraine, USA, Egypt. 2009 the ensemble was involved in the staging of the “Spartak” ballet (director: Yuri Grigorovich).2008 the ensemble was awarded the title of “Honored Collective of Armenia”. 2013 the ensemble participated in the “Super Dance from folk to modern” international dance festival and won the main prize. 2015 implemented the “Let’s sing and dance for peace” festival, within the framework of which the “Bridges of Friendship” peace concert was organized with the participation of 40 young artists from Europe and 8 Eastern Partnership countries. In the same year, as part of the events of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, with the participation of the leading soloists of the Swedish Royal Ballet and the Bavarian State Ballet, the ballet show “Arshil Gorky” premiered with the dance show “Powerful Emotions”. 2019 ensemble went on a state visit to Beijing to participate in the “Asian Civilization Forum” gala-concert. In the same year, as part of the jubilee events dedicated to Hovhannes Tumanyan’s 150th birthday, he premiered the one-act choreographic performance of the same name based on the poem “Maro”, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.2021 the repertoire of the ensemble was supplemented with the choreographic performance “Luys i luso” dedicated to the heroes who died in the 44-day Karabakh war, and within the framework of the state event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the independence of RA, the premiere of the play “Building Independence” was presented. 2022 At the world exhibition “Expo 2020 Dubai”, the ensemble presented the premiere, the one-act choreographic performance “Legend of Hayk”, created on the basis of an ancient mythological novel. Ballet artist, ballet master Arsen Mehrabyan also performed choreographic performances in the ensemble. 2022 the ensemble was included in the National Center for Folk Music and Dance. 2024 RA People’s Artist Norayr Mehrabyan was appointed artistic advisor of the ensemble, and Zohrab Bakalyan was appointed chief ballet master.

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