“Armenian National Instruments” State Orchestra

It was created in 2005 on April 30 at the initiative of composer Ara Gevorgyan and conductor Norayr Davtyan. From the beginning it has undertaken the mission of preserving and developing the traditions of folk orchestral performing arts that have been formed in Armenia for a long time. With its activities, the orchestra has bridged the times and ensured the mutual calling and continuous march of the old and new generations.The repertoire of the orchestra, consisting of about 40 musicians-performers with higher conservatory and post-graduate education, includes both modern arrangements of Armenian folk and folk melodies of the past, as well as instrumental works of modern Armenian composers. The works of European composers (Bizet, Brahms, Piazzolla and others) were simultaneously presented through the Armenian National Instruments Orchestra, giving them a unique appeal and a modern spirit. During the activity, the orchestra collaborated with famous folk and pop singers, and pave the way to stardom for many young budding performers.The orchestra had many concerts not only in Yerevan concert halls, but in other cities and villages of Armenia. He performed charity concerts in nursing homes and military institutions of the Republic of Armenia, took part in a number of musical projects (“Folk’s Singer”, “Popular Dozen”, “Benefits”, etc.), the Pan-Armenian Festival “Hayastan”, the release of CDs by various artists, including “Aravot Luso” CD, which includes various orchestral compositions: plays, fantasia, rhapsody, etc. Solo concerts of American singer Daniel Dekker and Lebanese-Armenian singer Shoghik Torosyan were held with the orchestra. Istanbul-Armenian singer Sybil also participated in various concerts. An author’s concert composed of works by the Canadian-Armenian songwriter Grigor Banants was held.The orchestra also organized jubilee evenings dedicated to famous Armenian artists: Vladilen Balyan, Manvel Beglaryan, Khachatur Avetisyan, Hovhannes Badalyan and others. He has collaborated with famous singers, as well as with various educational and cultural institutions. He participated in the concert programs of a number of state events. Performed concert tours in the Russian Federation, Turkmenistan.The following national musical instruments are included in the orchestra: tar, kamancha, oud, duduk, kanoon, santour, shevi, sring, dehol, etc. The orchestra won the “Best Folk Ensemble of the Year” award at the National Music Awards. 2022, 7 works were recorded for the Armenian public radio fund: Kh.Avetisyan “Holiday Overture”, “Concert” for Shvi, G.Hakhinyan “Dance Suite” (Parts 1-4), A.Nersisyan “Dle Yaman”, J.Bizet the prelude from the opera “Karmen”, A.Khachatryan “Sabre Dance”, A.Gevorgyan “Nairuhi”. 2023 the orchestra was included in the National Center of Folk Music and Dance. The musical director of the orchestra is the Honored Srtist of Armenia Norayr Davtyan.